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Slide Staining Machine
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Slide Staining Machine
LSM – 520
Product Details

The programmable continuous Linear Slide Stainer LSM 520 with up to 12 parallel functioning staining programs is a “production- line member of staff ”for every day staining protocols regularly required in histology and cytology laboratories.It's distinctive Reagent Management System (RMS) guarantees superior quality samples and facilitates reducing consumption and expenses.

The exceptional features of the LSM 520 capitalize on throughput of up to 500 slides per hour and significantly reduce the time required for this everyday work in the laboratory. With increased Regent Station, higher throughput is guaranteed. Up to 12 baskets with 30 slides each can be processed at the same time following a like or unlike staining protocols.

There are four loading and four unloading stations available as start and exit baths providing fully automatic routine of the staining procedures with no need to interfere . The slide stainer can store up to 20 staining protocols with up to 40 programs steps. Up to12 parallel operating programs can be run simultaneously.

The with drawal device with incorporated charcoal filter and association to an external ventilation system evades the emission of solvent fumes and presents an optimal shield of user's health.The water saving feature is a contribution to energy saving and environment protection.


The large graphical display assists programming, application and supervision of all features. All appropriate data for the existing processare listed graphically.The user can easily check the status of the staining procedures at a glance.

The easy to follow user's guide enables efficient programming of the procedures and offers simple access to archived data.

Transport Head

The soft running transport head with the patented dript ray moves fast in X,Y and Z direction.

Liquid residues on the slides and the basket cannot contaminate the reagents as the small tray glides automatically

Under the basket as soon as it is lifted from the bath and before it is transported to the next station. A filter card in the tray absorbs the liquids thus preventing an over flowing of the tray.

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