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Digital Tissue Floatation Bath
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Digital Tissue Floatation Bath
Dimensions W x L x H (cm) - 403 x 520 x 176
Voltage - 220v, 50Hz, Single Phase, A C
Key Features
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature controller.

  • The broad oversized rim of water bath allows convenient storage for microscopic slide.

  • Rounded inner corners allows it to be cleaned easily and efficiently.

  • Embedded heater element plate.

  • Temperature selectable between ambient 90˚C.

  • Overheating protection system.

  • Inner chamber is rectangular in construction & made of seamless ( Die pressed) for easy cleaning.

  • The jet black surface with scratch – proof coating provides better contrast to identify sections and an easy to clean surface.

  • LED display for programmed and temperature , display and visual indication in case of temperature exceeds above 45˚C.

  • High Grade Insulation.

  • Membrane keyboard is resistive to water and paraffin contamination and is easily cleanable.

  • Independent temperature control for Slide Warm & Floatation Bath.